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    Instructions for Use

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    Do you even install it?

    If you pay for a separate installation fee, we will provide you with the installation.

    It's easy to install, so you can install it yourself. (You can install it while talking on the phone.) 

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    How do I replenish the water?

    Direct water type : If connected to a water heater or water purifier from the capital, there is no need for a separate water makeup as it has been connected to the water supply line in the middle.

    Motor type : If the water supply can not be connected, the water can be boiled out of a separate water bottle.

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    Can you control the temperature of boiling water?

    Temperature is set by default.

    You can add cooking time or add water depending on your preference after cooking ramen with basic recipe. 

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    I'd like to know exchange refund criteria.

    You can only exchange it if you receive the product and open it and the device itself is defective. By default, you can not refund.

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    How to install instant food cooker LAZO

  7. [FAQ]
    How to withdraw the instant noodle cooker LAZO


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